Pumpkins and Christmas Cheer

20 Dec

I had the pleasure of photographing the “H” Family twice this fall — first at a local pumpkin patch, then a couple months later for holiday photos.  They are the sweetest family and such a joy to work with. The 3 year old boy is one of the most gentle and affectionate big brothers that I have ever met.  He had better look after his little sister, as she’s got such captivating blue eyes that she will surely be turning heads as she gets older.

Their mom is super talented and made the adorable little red flower headband that her baby girl wore during the holiday session (and she managed to whip it together the morning of the photo session!) Let me know if you are interested in learning more about her work — she makes fantastic accessories!




Parallel lives with the "L" Family

15 Dec

I recently had the pleasure of a photographing the “L” Family again for another fall session. They are dear friends to us. They have two girls who are exactly 3 weeks younger than our two kids, respectively, so I always feel like we’re living parallel lives.  I’ll never forget meeting the older daughter when she was 5 weeks old — she was such a super tiny peanut and so cute!  Now she’s a beautiful little girl, full of energy and smiles.  And her younger sister is also adorable and was a super trooper during our session in the cold. I enjoyed spending the morning with them and hope to see them again soon!

Many thanks to the "K" family

25 Nov

As I introduce my new blog on Thanksgiving Day, I have to give thanks to my most loyal clients, the “K” family.  The mom and I met in a new mom’s group when my son and her daughter were 8 weeks old.  Just based on the casual photos that I took of our babies during playdates, she believed in me enough to ask if I’d be willing to take photos of her family for their holiday card, and thus became my first client.  She and her husband were so pleased with the results that we’ve made it an annual event (although it helps that their daughter is gorgeous and a loves to dance for the camera!)  This year has been very special, as we’ve also welcomed a beautiful new baby girl to their family. I am deeply appreciative of their support, encouragement, and friendship. My photography business wouldn’t be where it is today without them!

Here are some highlights from our recent holiday session.